Team Building & Private Events Menu

All of the events below have guidance and instruction (exception is Art Cafe)  and all professional materials are included. 

This includes aprons and table covers for all events held off site.  Our prices are moms excluded and exclude our offsite fees. 


  1. Mystery Painting – 495 dk/ person
    Grab your colleagues, paint a small piece of the bigger picture and then puzzle together what you have painted- as a group! A great exercise in working together towards a common goal and problem solving.
  2. Collective Painting & Collage – 495 dk/ person
    On a large canvas (90 x 120 cm) you will create a collective painting using acrylic paint and photo collage- have it say all the amazing things your team stands for. Incorporate your company colours, text slogans, personalities and imagery for each member of your team. Create together and work effortlessly using your imagination. This is an excellent activity for getting to know each other on a deeper level!
  3. Pass the Painting – Start with your own ideas and watch how they can grow! 495 dk / person
    This art activity is about idea sharing. Watch you team’s visual growth as they create ideas in the same theme and pass them on to one another so they can grow and take on new meaning.
  4. Abstract Art & Creative Development – Get your team thinking outside the box!- 695 dk/ person
    Exercise your team’s creativity! Foster your team’s growth and learning potential through creative expression and abstract principle. This course will aid in the development of unique sensibilities in artistic awareness, creative consciousness and material techniques. This is a practical and educational approach to thinking abstractly. Move outside your comfort zone and learn how to apply creativity in your workplace.
  5. Coffee Painting Workshop – 295 dk/person
    This workshop is an excellent activity and demonstration on how we can use natural pigments, such as coffee- as a painting medium to create beautiful water soluble paintings. A step towards sustainable solutions in art processes.
  6. Regenerative Painting – Create & Paint with natural pigments- 695 dk/ person
  7. Mixed Media and Embroidery – Innovative handling of traditional materials- 495 dk/person
    Innovative ways to use traditional materials! Think differently about how we use water soluble paints and inks, threads, colours and applique. Create tactile art with visual stimulus while learning low-fi methods for creative innovation.
  8. Croquis: Drawing the Human Form – 295 dk/ person
    Figure drawing is the art of sketching the human figure, done with a live nude model standing or sitting in a pose that emphasizes the figure. Capture the essence of the human form- the body’s musculature, textures, and postures.
    It’s a wonderful practice with an emphasis on learning about shape and movement. This will get your group thinking differently. It’s great for problem solving and analytical thinking- in a fun and creative way!
  9. Guided Event in Watercolour or Acrylic painting – 495 dk/ person
  10. Flatter The Masters: recreate a famous painting or artwork that has changed the course of art history- 495 dk/ person
  11. The Art Cafe Experience – (price varies from 165- 250 dk depending on choice and is only available in our studio)
    Come visit us at our studio/cafe location and choose from our Art Menu any activity that inspires you! From watercolour to ink work, drawing to painting with coffee, linocut to collage- we have something for everyone. Check out our inspiration books and find an image that speaks to you.
    This session is limited to 2 hours unless extra time is booked.