Art Escape Studios & Cafe offers a semester based art education program throughout the year.

We host 4 semesters from January to December listed as our  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Semesters.

Each semester is 10 weeks in duration with the exception being our Summer semester, which runs for  5 weeks.

Each semester offers the option of signing up for 10 weeks (Full semester), 5 weeks ( half semester) or a one time experience.

Each course is structured for the very beginner but also for anyone with previous experience- we have something for everyone.

You learn at your own pace and we encourage and foster individual ideas and projects, as students learn and develop within the course material.

TRY IT ONCE: Would you like to try a course? This is perfect for you. Come and get a feel for our studio, the class and the teacher.  All of your materials are included and you will get to explore a small project in the given medium.

DIP YOUR TOE IN: This is a great way to get an educational and practical introduction to any medium. Book 5 weeks and dive into any course and learn technique, theory and be introduced to the process. Materials can be purchased at our in-studio art store.

FILL YOUR BOOTS: We highly recommend this option!  Our 10 weeks course will give you the opportunity to really explore and experiment in any class you have chosen. You will have the tools and knowledge to continue independently, should you want to! Materials can be purchased at our in-studio art store.






Tuesdays from 17:30 to 20:00
Hosted by Ida Glad