• Hot Matcha Smoothie – VEGAN 85dk
    Creamy and nutritious- start your day with this loaded hot smoothie! Oats, blueberries, Matcha and banana magic.
  • Citrus Breakfast Sundae – VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE 65dk
    Homemade citrus fused granola layered with slightly vanilla vegan yoghurt, pickled citrus fruit.
  • Cinnamon Toast w/ Caramel Cream Cheese & Apples – VEGAN 65dk
    Comfort vegan food at its best. Tasty with just enough sweetness. Perfectly toasted walnut bread with vegan butter and cinnamon sugar, caramel cream cheese and hot apples.
  • Spicy Hummus Tartine – VEGAN 65dk
    Fresh and spicy- You won’t be able to get enough of this dish.
    Asian chili nuts, fresh organic tomatoes, hummus and herbs.
  • Bruschetta Trio – VEGAN 125dk
    3 grilled focaccia with a delicious variety of toppings sitting on a bed of fresh spinach and garlic oil.
  • That’s a Wrap – VEGAN 85dk
    Texturally profound – crunchy, soft & creamy – a trifecta of goodness, this wrap has it all. A real house favorite!
  • Bean Sticks & Dip – VEGAN – 65dk 
    Creamy, crisp and spicy! This nutty tartine is full of flavour.
  • Veggie Ragout w/ Fried Tortilla & Spinach – VEGAN/GLUTEN-FREE OPTION 125dk
    A hearty warm veggie ragout- a hint of heat with red chili peppers and topped w/ fresh cilantro. The perfect dish for a cold day or a hungry belly!
  • Art Escape Daily Soup – VEGAN/GLUTEN-FREE OPTION 125dk
    We LOVE to make happy healthy soup! All of our soups are paired with toasted focaccia and creamy herbed butter. Ask our staff about our vegan soup of the day!
  • Art Escape Salad – VEGAN/GLUTEN-FREE 75dk
    Fresh and Tart. This salad is a healthy reminder that Summer will be here again soon! Mixed greens, pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, peruvian peppers in a citrus dressing.

  • Chocolate Cake – VEGAN 65dk
    Vegan, vegan, vegan! Moist, decadent and all the chocolate for the chocolate lovers out there!
  • Creme Brulee– VEGETARIAN/GLUTEN-FREE 65dk
    Baked fresh to order! This dessert takes 25 minutes, please order it in advance.


Better together!

  • COMBO#1 Soup + Wrap 185dk
  • COMBO#2 Soup + Salad 175dk
  • Homemade Maple Roasted Baked Beans
  • Vegan Pesto hash browns
  • Smoked Scramble Tofu
  • Chef’s Choice for breakfast meat- Frankfurt sausages or thyme & maple bacon
  • Sambal Aioli
  • 2 pieces of Walnut toast with butter
  • Yoghurt & Granola
  • Fresh fruit and berry medley
  • Organic apple or orange juice

Enjoy this amazing and organic vegan brunch every weekend at AES from 10.00 to 14.00
BOOK YOUR TABLE! 165 dk per person


  • Americano sm.30dk / lg. 35dk
  • French Press 40 dk
  • Espresso single 30dk / dbl 35dk
  • Cafe Latte 40dk
  • Cappuccino 40dk
  • Hot Chocolate 35dk
  • Iskaffe 45dk
  • Chai Latte 35 dk
  • Kusmi Tea 35 dk
  • Boylan Old Fashioned Soda  35dk
  • Hibiscus Original 35dk
  • Ginger Power 35dk
  • Organic Apple or Orange Juice 35dk
  • Dansk Vand 35dk
  • Iskaffe 45dk
  • Bottled Water 30dk