The AES Arts Collective was formed in 2019 and is an integral part of what makes Art Escape Studios & Cafe so special. The Collective is made up of international women working in multidisciplinary fields of art including: oil painting, acrylic and watercolour painting, pastel and graphite drawing, photography and digital media, collage, paper sculpture and design, creative coaching, textiles and regenerative painting materials!

Each artist adds a unique personality and talent, contributing to our fundamental ideals of community and art sharing. 

Our artists exhibit throughout the city in a variety of spaces, and  each month in our studio we host a new solo exhibition and a collective group exhibition bi-annually. 

We collaborate with many different companies generating revenue opportunities and strengthening our networking platforms, which provides our artists with endless work and possibilities for professional development.  We are a strong supportive community grounded in helping artists grow creatively.

Meet the artists