Vibeke Nielsen

Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

Vibeke Nielsen is a Danish/British photographer and mixed media artist who has been residing in Denmark since 2019.

Vibeke was raised in Dubai, U.A.E, from the age of 2, and has spent most of her professional life working in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia. Her international upbringing, and her personal struggles with feelings of overwhelm and lack of belonging, have led her to delve deeper into the use of art and creativity as a means to express and heal. This has led her to pursue further study in both education and art therapy.

Vibeke uses photography and mixed media art personally to create works that allow her to express her own introspective journey. She is particularly drawn to the themes of decay, mortality, and sexuality, and she enjoys creating multi-layered work utilising many different textures and mediums.

Aside from her artistic work, she also works commercially as a photographer for various clients, capturing portraits, events, food, and interior design. She has been working as a photographer for over a decade now – a discipline that began professionally whilst she was attaining her degree in medical photography.