Sylwia Ziółkowska

Painter & Visual Artist

Sylwia Ziółkowska is an Polish artist by passion and education, who not only deals with art but also delves into the knowledge of how to adapt reality to one’s needs and thus better utilize one’s potential. Her search for expression led to the creation of intentional art, which not only aims to decorate interiors and evoke positive emotions, but also to help materialize all needs and desires. Based on intentions, ideas, color preferences, symbolism, and emotions, she tries to visualize the need.

For Sylwia, art is a magical tool with which she materializes dreams and reminds us of our inner strength in moments of doubt. She believes that what we look at every day, what we put our thoughts and creative energy into, becomes a part of our lives and leads our subconscious to achieve our goals.

She is most strongly tied to oil painting and watercolor. She loves vibrant colors, ethnic patterns, and above all energetic light, which she focuses on. Also enjoys experimenting with new techniques and using materials that can be creatively recycled.

She graduated from a fine arts high school and obtained a Master of Arts degree in “Painting in Architecture,” with a specialization in “Artistic Glass,” from the Fine Arts Department at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Additionally, she gained experience in conducting art classes for both young people and adults at the private drawing school “Domin” in Gdańsk.