Sandra Gruescu

Weaver and mixed media artist

Sandra Gruescu is an economist turned handweaver. Originally from Germany she called London her home for many years, before her move to Copenhagen in 2020. She is passionate about weaving and makes both practical things like fabric for clothing, scarfs and kitchen towels as well as woven artwork. She loves the fact that the set-up of warp and weft and throwing a shuttle is still the same as it was thousands of years ago, even if the looms and tools got more sophisticated in time. She works with silk, wool, Tencel and many other materials. If she had to pick one favourite yarn it would probably be linen as it gets more beautiful with age.

She started painting with acrylics and water colour last year and is experimenting with ways of combining weaving and painting.

As a former sufferer of ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) she is currently working on a series of art works to raise awareness of this complex and often misunderstood illness.