Natalya Tarankova

Analog Photographer & Digital Multidisciplinary Artist
Teacher, Entrepreneur & Creative Soul
Photography Instructor at Art Escape Studios

Natalya Tarankova is an analog photographer and multidisciplinary artist and working part-time as an artist with The AES Collective. She is originally from Latvia, but has been based in Denmark since 2010.
Natalya got her first camera from her father when she was 13 – a Soviet film camera FED and since then has not been able to stop taking photos. When she was 19, she went to work as a photographer on a cruise liner, traveled the world and later took an international teachers education in Denmark. While working on educational projects around Asia, Africa and the Middle East, she continually worked as a photographer on the side.
In 2015, she started a business in Copenhagen – a beauty studio called Copenlashes. Using her photo skills she expanded her company and opened an entrepreneurship studio- W.e.Space.
W.e Space was a space for local business owners to connect and learn new skills. Her teaching career in photography began here when she started teaching photography to small business owners.
In her career, Natalya has joined several photo exhibitions and has collaborated with a long list of local artists and businesses.
She loves to work with local entrepreneurs putting all her attention and presence into capturing people and products with the full attention they deserve.
Natalya loves to capture moments of daily routine that aren’t always an obvious subject for photography. She often photographs the contrasts of nature vs urban settings, people in their natural environment and fleeting moments that barely existed in the first place.
After shooting analog and digital throughout the last 18 years she has settled on analog photography. The last few years she has been diving deeper into the processes of traditional film and photo development, alternative photo prints and vintage photographic techniques.