Melanie Smith

CEO/Founder of Art Escape Studios & Café and The AES Collective
Art Educator
Oil and Acrylic Painter

Melanie Smith is a Newfoundlander living in Denmark. She is a mother to 2 beautiful children ( 2 yr and 4 yrs), a bonus mom to an amazing teenager (14 yrs) and married to her Danish husband.

In 2017, she began the journey of creating Art Escape Studios by launching her first international art retreat: Art Escape- A Danish Destination.

Previous to this, she owned her own art studio and school for more than a decade, in St. John’s, NL Canada.

Her background lies in both visual and culinary arts.

With much success on the retreat, she began to focus full time on the development of, what is known today as, Art Escape Studios & Cafe.

In 2019, she founded the all female arts collective known as the AES Collective- boasting 11 female artists working in various disciplines. Each artist works independently in their respective companies but together they create the community atmosphere that radiates from Art Escape Studios.

All the artists have equal opportunity to teach, work and participate in the various programs she has created, which encourage independent artistic employment & professional development.

In 2020, Melanie expanded Art Escape Studios to include a fully packed art school with classes in drawing, watercolour, oil painting, acrylic , coffee painting and a variety of workshops and events. In addition, there is also a gallery, an art supply shop and now in January 2021, the combined entities opened together, forming Art Escape Cafe.

The concept: A community focused arts space, offering creative support and escape to any person interested in exploring their artistic identity.

Melanie continues to develop programs aimed at stimulating creative development for the artists within the Collective and community at large. Art Escape Studios and Cafe is the sum of its parts- it works because the core values of community spirit are honest and genuine. This is a true reflection of Melanie’s upbringing in Newfoundland, Canada, where cultural norms of togetherness lie within the people and place.

In addition, Melanie is also a portrait artist and art educator. She has been working professionally as an artist for 20 years. Working in several mediums, she paints and draws the people in her life that inspire her. Her friends and family and the community she surrounds herself with.