Ida Glad

Watercolour Instructor at Art Escape Studios
Watercolour & Multidisciplinary Artist

Ida Glad is a watercolor and acrylic artist and coach for creatives. She works part-time as an independent artist and teacher from the artist collective Art Escape Studios, where she facilitates a range of courses and workshops about art, creativity and meditation.

She has been painting for the past 10 years and slowly developed a painting style that mixes abstracts and figurative elements in strong vibrant color schemes. Next to her work as an artist, she studies social psychology and communications. She has an integral life-coaching background and facilitates workshops that use art-creation as a pathway to personal and creative development.

Ida paints in water-based medias, including but not limited to acrylics, watercolor, inks and oil pastels. She likes to explore emotional expressions through her art-work. She is inspired by the Japanese aesthetics worldview Wabi Sabi, which aspires to find the beauty in imperfection.

In her painting process, she likes to work with polarities and strives to find the balance between harmony and chaos. Her work is often inspired by nature, animals, the human body or archetypical themes. Energy is a keyword in her paintings, because she believe that the ability to transfer and transform energy, is one of the main purposes of art. In addition to her work in fine arts, Ida is also working as a face-painter and body-artist at different events and venues.