Dyveke Noack

Art Kids Instructor at Art Escape Studios
Multidisciplinary Artist

Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack is a multidisciplinary artist from Denmark, working part-time as an artist with The AES Collective. She has a masters in Informative Science and is working as a freelance front-end web designer.

Dyveke uses different techniques in her work, combining painting with textiles and threading. Her work is influenced by her upbringing in both Funen, Denmark and Greenland- inspired by specific places, nature, memories and people and the sentiments they represent.

​Her childhood was heavily rooted in art, both from countless visits to museums and galleries to having creative guidance from her grandfather:
“As a kid I used to sneak into my grandfather’s studio, just to smell the paint, look at the colors, since the light in the room and touch the bristles of his brushes – I loved that place”.

After spending endless hours studying his use of color; his paintings have had an inevitable impact on her own colorworks.

​Dyveke is an autodidact artist bringing old craftsmanship into a new era with her textile art. Her works are abstract, with the chaotic parts in multiple layers standing opposite to the simpler areas, including her use of negative space. Experimenting and exploring colour, are a vital part of her practice.