Christine Petersen

Modern Pastel Artist
Founder of Art Attitudes
Drawing Instructor at Art Escape Studios

Christine Petersen is a portrait artist that explores the tension between femininity, masculinity and sexuality. Inspired by powerful colours and the pop art universe, she expresses herself through strong pastels and a love of detail. Her work includes the textures of the paper and often other elements such as glitter.

“My desire is to create art lies in the aesthetics but at the same time challenges the senses and imagination in the form of embedded messages and the many detailed elements. I want to capture a spirit of our time and how that reflects in our perception of beauty, sex, power and gender roles in our society. “

Christine has worked intensively with pastel drawings for the past six years. She returned to Denmark from Spain, where she was introduced to pastel art and found her niche. For more on Christine and her work check out the links above.