Alizé Dubouchet

Artist & Painter

Alize is a self-taught artist from France, she draws inspiration from the world around her, as well as travels and dreams, to create beautiful works of art. She has a deep love for all forms of art expression, with a focus on fashion design, charcoal, acrylic and oil painting. She recently came back from New Zealand and is now working in Copenhagen as Supply Chain Lead in motion capture.

Growing up, Alize was surrounded by a vibrant and creative community that fostered a love for art from a very young age. With artists and art enthusiasts among family and friends, she was constantly exposed to different forms of expression and techniques, inspiring a deep-seated passion for the arts. This early exposure to the world of art set the foundation for Alize’s journey as an artist and continues to influence her work to this day.

Alize is an artist with a unique approach to her craft. She has a fondness for minimalist paintings that showcase the beauty in simplicity. She also enjoys creating colorful, vibrant pieces that burst with energy and life. She views these two styles as complementary, as each allows her to express different emotions and tell unique stories through her art.